Rock’er Chill-Out Chair

Rock’er Chill-Out Chair

The Rock’er Chill-Out Chair by Freedom Concepts is known for its deep-V foam design, adjustable tilt and calming rocking motion.

Available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate young children to adult users, this chair can improve the user’s alignment and redistribute pressure.

The chair can be locked into the optimal tilt position with the aid of the ottoman, setting the chair to the ideal angle of tilt suitable for the user’s needs.

Rocking base.

The Rock’er features a curved bottom base that allows the user to rock the chair in a soothing motion back and forth. This motion paired with the Deep-V design can have a calming effect on the chair’s occupant.

Adjustable tilt & multi-purpose ottoman.

With the use of the standard ottoman and strong Velcro straps, the Rock’er can be locked in place, setting the chair back to the ideal tilted position.

Blue Rock'er chair

Explore the details

  • Rocking base
  • Deep-V foam design
  • Adjustable chair tilt
  • Multi-purpose ottoman
  • 100% foam construction
  • Additional accessories available to customize the functionality of the chair

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Product Specifications
Available sizes Small, Medium, Narrow Large, Large, Extra-Wide Large
Overall length 32" - 36"
Overall height 32" - 46"
Overall width 19" -31"
Seat width 12" - 21"
Seat depth 12" - 17"
Seat height 12" - 17"
Chair weight 21 - 46 lbs
Manufacturer Details
Freedom Concepts
Frequently Asked Questions

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